10 FEBRUARY 1849, Page 10

The Sacred Harmonic Society had a performance at Exeter Hall

last even- ing; consisting of Mendelssohn's Lobgesang or Hymn of Praise, Beethoven's Mass (or " service" as it is called) in C, and a selection of sacred pieces by Marcell° Hummel, and Mozart. The solo-singers were the Misses Williams, dr. Lockey, and Mr. Bodda. Throughout the performance the effects of Costa's discipline were abundantly evident in the clearness, pre- cision, and chiaroscuro of the choral and orchestral parts;: especially in the profound and elaborate work of Mendelssohn, which scarcely received. equal justice even when first performed under his own direction at Bir- mingham. The annual report of the Society's affairs, just printed and circulated, gives a most favourable view of the state and prospects of the establish- ment. Its finances are flourishing, and place it in a condition to increase its efficiency by an extended expenditure; and the public opinion of the recent changes in its management is marked by the significant fact, that whereas the subscriptions in 1847 fell short of those in 1846, and the sub- scriptions in the first three quarters of 1848 fell short of those in the car- responding quarters of the previous year, the subscriptions for the fourth quarter of 1848 (after the new arrangements had been completed) made up for the previous deficiency.