10 FEBRUARY 1849, Page 5


The Lords of the Treasury have replied to a memorial forwarded by Lord Stuart de Decies from the landed proprietors of Waterford county, who took drainage presentments under Mr. Labouchere's letter.

"My Lords," says Mr. Trevelyan, " under the existing law, have no power to extend the period of repayment of loans granted under the authority of Mr. La- bouchere's letter; but their Lordships will apply to Parliament in the approaching session for power to relieve those parties to whom the terms of repayment of these loans, under the present law, shall be shown to be either oppressive from the lewdness or inconvenient from the extent of that period."

It is positively said that the Dean of St. Patrick will be the new Bishop, and that the Reverend Mr. Perrin, brother of the Judge, will succeed the Dean.—Globe.

The Dublin Commission Court resumed its sittings on Tuesday. Fresh bills of indictment were preferred against Mr. Duffy, and were duly found. The Irish papers are bewildered with the proceedings; the bills against Mr. Duffy seem innumerable—one authority says this is the fifth, another the sixth, and another the seventh.