10 FEBRUARY 1855, Page 11


On the 1st February, in Tavistock Square, the Wife of Edward Belly, Esq., F.E.S., of a daughter.

On the 3d, in London, the Countess Joannes, Wife of the Chevalier Count Joan- nes, Imperial-Count-Palatine, of a daughter.

On the 3d, in London, the Lady Salton, of a daughter.

On the 4th, at Ashling House, klambledon, Hants, the Wife of Captain Henry Levis, of a daughter.

On the 4th, in Curzon Street, Mayfair, the Wife of Lieutenant-Colonel Montagu 111•Mordo, of a son.

On the 13th January, at St. Paul's Cathedral, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Edward Everard Rushworth, Eeq., D.C.L , Fellow of St. John's College, Oxford, to Amelia Adelaide, daughter of the late H. N. De lea Bernier', Esq , of Vandruit, Lower Canada. On the 31st, at Maiden, Kent, John William Hoare, Esq., fifth eon of the Yen. the Archdeacon of Surrey, to Henrietta Mary, eldest daughter of the Rev. Julius Deed's, Vicar of Harden.

On the 1st February, at Tilmanstone, Kent, the Rev. Ernilius Bayley, eldest son of Sir John Bayley, Bart., to Marianne Sophia, third daughter of Edward „Rice, Esq., M.P., of Dane Court, Kent.

On the 1st, at the Church of the Madeleine, Paris, John Dowell Fitzgerald Grace. Esq., eldest son of Oliver Dowell John Grace, Esq., M. P. for Roscommon, of Man- tua, to Grace, youngest daughter of the late Thomas Thistlewayte, Esq., of South- wick Park, Hants.

On the 3d, at St. George's,.Hanover Square, the Rev. Henry Griffin Williams, Rec- tor of Preston, Suffolk, and Professor of Arabic in the University of Cambridge, to Frances, daughter of the late Charles Meredith, Esq., of Leicester. On the 6th, at the Church in Gordon Square, the Rev. George Benjamin Richings Bausfield, to Georgiana Mary Floyer, Ganobier, third daughter of Rear-Admiral Gam- bier, of Albany I errace, Regent's Pao k, and of Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire. On the 6th, at Calstock, Cornwall, the Rev. Frederick T. Batchelor, M.A. nectar of Calstock. to Charlotte, youngest daughter of Sir W. L. S. Trelawny, Bart., of the same parish.


On the 21st August, at Petre, New Zealand, Charles, only son of the late James Lett, Esq. formerly of Woodford, Essex ; in his 42d year,

On the Esq., September, at Howlett. New Zealand, Alfred, aged 21 years, second son, on the 23d, Mary Anne, aged 71 years, third daughter, and on the 25th, Char- lotte Sarah, aged 10 years, second daughter, of the Rev. Vicesinous Lush. On the 19th, at Kaipoi, Canterbury, New Zealand, Charles Rndston Read, youngest son of the late Rev. T. C. Rudston Read, of Ilayton, Yorkshire ; in his 36th year.

On the 13th December, at Lucknow Bengal Presidency, Lieutenant-Colonel Richard Angelo, Thirty-fourth Regiment Infantry. On the 24th, on his return to Freetown from his visitation in the Yoruba Country

and Lagos' the Lord Bishop of Sierra Leone.

On the 25th, at Molagaum, Lieutenant-Colonel John Hallett, C.B., of the Bombay Army. &c.; in his 50th year. On the 14th January, at Cobourg, Canada West, Charlotte Matilda Fuller, widow of the late Lieutenant-Colonel Francis Fuller, of H. M.'s Fifty-ninth Regiment ; in her 55th year. On the 26th, at Alton, Hants, the Rev. Mark Henry James Kerr, of Winslow, Bucks, second son of the late Lord Charles Kerr, and grandson of the fifth Marquis of Lothian ; in his 52d year. On the 26th, at the Priory, Pittenweem, Fifeshire, the Right Rev. David Low, D.D., late Bishop of Ross, Moray, and Argyll; in his 88th year. On the 29th, at Soho, Mr. Alexander Braid ; in his 92l year. On the 29th, at Rolleshy Hall, Norfolk, the Rev. J. Dawson, A.M., Oxon, and of Leamington, Warnicksbire. On the 31st, at Leicester, Lucy, relict of the late Rev. Thomas Burnaby, M.A., formerly Vicar of St. Margaret's ; in her 90th year. On the 1st February, the Rev. Thomas Whale, B.D., late Fellow of St. John's College, Oxford ; in his 80th year. On the 1st, in Cambridge Terrace, Hyde Park, Colonel Thomas Leighton, Bombay Army. On the 1st, in Montagu Place, Russell Square, Sir John Muir Mackenzie, Bart., of Delvine, Perthshire.

On the 1st, in the Strand, 0. Smith, Esq.; in his 69th year. On the 1st, at his father's residence, Edge Lane Ilall, Liverpool, Russell Hay- wood, Esq., Lieutenant in H.M.'s Eighty-second Regiment, and younger son of Francis Haywood, Esq. On the 2d, at the Anglesea Barracks, Portsea, Henry William Willis Fleming, third son of the late John Fleming, Esq., of Stoneham Park, Hampshire, and the Right Hon. Lady Downes ; in his 26th year. On the 3d, in Stanhope Street, Lady Rollo, widow of John, eighth Lord Rollo. On the 3d, in Charles Street, Berkeley Square, Lieutenant-General the Hon.

Thomas Edward Capel; in his 85th year. On the 3d, at Treehill, Devon, the Rev. Villiers Henry Plantagenet Somerset, Rector of Honiton ; in his 51st year. On the 5th, at Paris, Lady Jenkenson; in her 78th year. On the 5th, at Hampton Court Palace, Miss Campbell Melfort,

Lieute- nant-General Frederick Campbell, B.A., and of the late sister of Lieute-

Vice-Aduaral Sir Pat, and Lieutenant-General Sir Conn Campbell. On the 6th, at Holourook Hall, Cumberland, Brian Hodgson, Esq., Vice-Admiral of the Red ; in his 75th year. . On the 6th, Ann, relict of John Lea, Esq., of the Lakes. near Kidderminster ; in her 9001 year. On the 6th, at Sawbridgeworth, Herta, Mr. Andrew Lane ; in his slat year.

On the 7th, at Eaglescarnie, Haddington, General the B.O. Sir Patrick Stuart.

O.C.M.G., Colonel of LIM."' Forty-fourth Regiment ; is 78th year.