10 FEBRUARY 1855, Page 12



From a general belief in the early formation of the Ministry, the English Funds opened with firmness on Monday at an improvement of ; and Con- sols for Money were done at 911. Since that time heaviness has been the ruling feature, with the exception of a temporary reaction of 1 per cent on Wednesday, on the arrangement of the Cabinet. Upon the settlement of the Account, yesterday, they descended to 90/ 1; and close this afternoon at 91 /, and 911 for the Account, after having been 1 higher. The market has been influenced more by speculative sales than by a delivery of Stock ; the operators being partly guided by a dulness on the Paris Bourse. Money has become abundant ; and the quotation of the French exchange removes the probability of any considerable amount of gold being remitted from this aide. The rate of exchange at New York has suddenly turned in favour of this country, and shipments of specie have been renewed ; the last packet brought 15,000/. The receipts from other places, including the West Indies, the Cape, and the Peninsula, have amounted to 206,5001. Moderate shipments to Spain and Portugal continue, but silver is sent back in return. The Madrid has taken out 72,9641. chiefly for Lisbon and Cadiz.

Foreign Securities have been supported, with the exception of Russian Four-and-a-half per Cents, which are Hower. Turkish and French Scrip hate been unusually steady. Arrangments have been made for the formation of a new Bank on the Joint- Stock principle, and Sir Robert Carden will be Chairman. It will be entitled the City Batik ; capital 300,0001., with power of increase to 600,0001. ; the shares to be of 100/. ; 10/. deposit will be required, and 50 per cent before operations commence. An establishment to be called the Bank of London has also been announced, with a proposed capital of 1,000,0001.; the Chair- man and Provisional Manager to be Sir John Villiers Shelley and Mr. Scott of the City Chambirlain's Office. At a meeting of the Crystal Palace Company yesterday, it was agreed that the dividend should be at the rate of 10 per cent per annum, instead of 8 as originally proposed.

Railways have been dull during the week, and the transactions limited. London and North-Western are 10s. lower. Other Shares have declined from 58. to 15s. North-Eastern—Berwick are firm at an improvement of 108. In Foreign Shares, the French have fallen from fle. 6d. to 5s. in seve- ml cases ; but Paris and Orleans and Paris and Rouen have been main- tained.

The Directors of the London and Black wall Company propose a dividend for the half-year of 4s. 6d. per share. Proposals were issued on Monday, by Messrs. De Vaux and Co., for the Ardennes Railway, a concession having been obtained from the French Government; and to be subscribed for in Pans and London. It includes sixty-five miles, from Rheims on the Strasburg line to Mezieres; and will be extended to the Belgian frontier by a railway of thirty-five miles, to be constructed by the State, the Company furnishing rails and rolling stock. A line of twenty-two miles is also to be undertaken from Creil on the Northern Railway to Beauvais; the Company to have a prefer- ential right of forming a line from Rheims by Soissons to Compiegne : capi- tal 29,600,000 francs, or about 1,200,000/ ; 4 per cent interest to be paid during formation. Some importance is attached to this railway, as a new route between France and Belgium.


The large increase in the bullion, amounting to 444,9441., shown in today's return by the Bank of Englarid, has caused k improvement in the Funds : Consols are now 91/ for Money and 911 1 for Account. Exchequer Bills 6 9. In Foreign Stocks, theprices are merely nominal. Turkish Scrip continues at 76f ; and French 31 4 premium. In Railways there has been no alteration—London and North-Western, 1001; North British, 30; North- Eastern Extension, 14; Ditto York, H. and S. Purchase, 91; South Wales, 29f. SATURDAY, Two o'Ci.oca.

The English Funds have undergone a few changes since the morning, but leave off at about the same quotations. Consols for Money are 911 1, after

having been done at 91; for the Account they mark 911 f 1, and close 911 f. Exchequer Bills 6 9. In Foreign Stocks, there has been no move- ment, and very little doing. In Buenos Ayres a bargain has taken place at 51.

Railways have continued dull ; several transactions have taken place in miscellaneous Shares—Caledonian, 62 ; Chester and Holyhead, 13 ; Eastern Counties, llf East Lancashire, 73}; Great Northern, 90; Great Western, 661; Lancashire and Yorkshire, 741 ; London and Blackwell, 8; London, Brighton, and South Coast, 100; London and North-Western, 1001; Ditto Eighths, 11; London and South-Western, 86; Midland, 691; North British, 29 ' • North-Eastern—Berwick, 751; Ditto Extension, 131; Ditto York, 621; North Staffordshire, 13 ; Scottish Central, 100; South-Eastern, 59; South Wales, 291; Buckinghamshire 98; London and Greenwich, 13; London and South-Western, Consolidated Thirds, 71; Midland Consolidated Bristol and Birmingham, 6 per Cent, 134 ; North-Eastern—York, H. and S. Purchase ; Antwerp and Rotterdam, 61; Dutch Rhenish, 7}; East In- dian, 21 Ditto Extension, 61; Great Western of Canada, 17f ; Great Lux- embourg Obligations, 21; Madras, 151; West Flanders, 31. Mines—Cobre Copper, 47 ; Waller, 1 ; West Mariposa, 1. Joint Stock Banks—Australasian, 82; London Joint Stock, 27}; Union of Australia, 66f. Miscellaneous= Australian Agricultural, 301; British American Land, 62; Canada, 119; Crystal Palace, 31 ; ElectricTelegraph, 17; Peninsular and Oriental Steam, 541 ; Peel River Land and Mineral, 211 South Australian Land, 35; Van Diemen's Land, 121.

3 per Cent Consols

Danish S per Cents

80 3

Ditto for Account

Dutch 24 per Cents 62 3

S per Cent Reduced

91 a 91 Ditto 4 per Cents 92 4 New 3 per Cents 91 2 Mexican 3 per Cents

201 11 Long Annuities


Peruvian 44 per Cents

70 2 Bank Stock 211 13

Ditto 3 per Cents '

49 51 Exchequer Bills 6 9 Portuguese 4 per Cents 41 3 India Stock 221 4

Russian 6 per Cents

100 2 Austrian 5 per Cents 82 4 Ditto 44 per Cents 88 90 Brazilian 5 per Cents 99 101 Spanish 3 per Cents 364 7 Belgian 44 per Cents 92 4 Ditto Deferred 171 181 Oahu, 6 per Cents 102 4 Sardinian 5 per Cents 84 6 Danish 5 per Cents 102 4 Swedish 4 per Cent, 84 7