10 FEBRUARY 1866, Page 3

A'little war has broken - out at - Aden.: The British and Indian

population encamped in the chinks of that colossal eindeviis fed principally from Lahej, the nearest oasis, and its Sultan isthere-.

fore our ally. The Foadlee tribe, either from some quarrel rged-- by by Wahabee feeling, recently attacked Lahej;_and- began burning- villages. Colonel Merewether. therefore, PbliticaLAgent,- or as we should.-say Governor of. Aden, marched out with' 68ft British and native infantry, surprised the Foodlee chief;routed his force,. and would have destroyed.-it but for the want of Cavalry; The chief was pursued in forced Marches so sharply,,that he •at last re- treated to the mountains, leaving his territory in the hands of the British, who levelled Allthis_ forts and returned to Aden.. If we are to hold that place, which.produces neither food nor water, but is invaluable nevertbpleas, we must protect Lahejcaud the Arab tribes have got. the. idea a great. deal too firmly into their heads that we dare not,-leave Aden. Thinlittle. expedition will do good..