10 FEBRUARY 1866, Page 3

The Oichestra, an occasionally clever and 'generally abusive musical paper,:recently

accused Mc- D: Ryan; musical critic and concert-giver, of.combining his two vocations in-a lighlyimproper- way, charging bim openly with paying thoseswho sang at his con- certs with newspaper pea' instead of cash. This was- a grave charge, and implied a scandalous system which deserved exposure, both in the interest of the public and In that of honest- Musical critics. The writer in the Orchestra, however, made the charge in the most unqualified way,. and accompanied it with a good many rather scurrilous. and -irrelevant personal. remarks. ' Mr.. Ryan brought an action for libel, and obtained on Thersday £250. damages.. The amount. seems excessive. Mr. Ryan's own wit- nesses proved:that many Trofessional singers- had suing at his con- certs without. fee, knawing,him to be a newspaper critic; that they did so not as.personal friends,- butthrough." professional acquaint, sure;" that-the success:of operas and the- position of singers de- pended,geeatly on newspapx criticiam,.sax3.that Als..Ityan was the only critic who also gave concerts. The.lexistance :of Abe system was :thus:placed, beyond..a.doubt, and Chief -Justice Cockburn actually pointed-oat teems: in which it might have been .folly erg posed without-liability -to-.action. The-Orchestra has. doneservica to the. publio, and 1250 seems a large sum to-pay for itszashneas inmixingaipextranectaslibels with this.exposure.