10 JANUARY 1914, Page 26

Old English Furniture, by Frederick Fenn and B. Wyllie; French

Furniture, by Andre Saglio ; Sheffield Plate, by B. Wyllie; Old Pewter, by Malcolm Bell; Dutch Pottery and Porcelain, by W. Pitcairn Knowles; French Pottery and Porce- lain, by H. Frantz ; English Table Glass, by Percy Bate; English Embroidery, by A. F. Kenrick. "The Collector's Library." (B. T. Botsford. 6s. net each volume.)—This reissue of a series which attained considerable popularity when first brought out by Messrs. Newnes some years ago should be welcome to collectors. The volumes are all written by qualified experts and copiously illustrated. Particularly good in every respect is Mr. Kenrick's English Embroidery, while the late Mr. Bate's English Table Glass deals with a subject which has practically no other literature with the exception of Hartshornes monumental monograph. Mr. Bate's illustrations were, it may be said, taken largely from the Rees Price Collection, which is now on loan at the Victoria and Albert Museum. It is unfortunate that it was not found possible to revise this particular volume before reissuing it, as several important examples of English glass have come to light since Mr. Bate wrote. The other volumes deal with subjects which have been longer and more thoroughly studied, but the collection of glass is a compara- tively recent development. Still Mr. Bate's book is the best short treatise on the subject, and was well worthy of a place in the series.