10 JANUARY 1931, Page 1

Round Table Speeches Turning aside from the criticalMatter of the

electorates we may refer briefly to the principal speeches at the Round Table -Conference. On Friday, January 2nd, Lord Sankey, the Lord Chancellor, who presided over the Federal Structure Sub-Committee, said that it was useless to put forward at this stage impossible ideals." The function of the Conference was to deal generally with the problem, not to go into details. The working out of the details would fall upon experts --lawyers, financiers, soldiers. It would be as futile for Great Britain to offer India something which was not worth having as it would be for India to demand what Great Britain could not grant. He indicated that the worst trap for the Con- ference was the employment of " vague phrases." " Do not use a phrase," he said, " without knowing exactly what you mean." * * * *