10 JANUARY 1931, Page 1

The nature of the proposed compromise was explained to the

Minorities Sub-Coinmittee on Tuesday. Sir. Muhammad Shafi then announced that the Moslems Were ready to agree after all to joint electorates on Certain cohcfitions which had been accepted as reasonable by Sir Chimaiilal Setalirrid. The conditions were that Moslems should have .reservation and that they should retain the Weightake"-Which they already enjoyed in the Provinces where they were in a minority. Sir Chimanlal had also agreed that the Moslems, when- ever they insisted upon it, should have the benefit of the late Mr. Mohamed Ali's formula. That formula provided that before a candidate was declared elected he must have forty per cent. of the votes of his own community plus five to ten per cent.—according to arrangement—of the votes of the other community. Finally, it appeared that Sir Chimanlal had admitted that Moslems in the Punjab and Bengal " must have their right of majority.".