10 JANUARY 1931, Page 13


The following notice, set up by the chairman of the Parish Council in a village of the Home Counties, indicates a certain proper pride in the preservation of historic privileges NOTICE.


The East Meads and Chilver Mead, opposite the Rose and Crown Inn, at the Folly are Lammas Land, and as such are open to the inhabitants of - from the 12th August to the 12th February annually for grazing purposes.

By order of the Council. (Signed) X, Chairman, Parish Council."

The said meads were in some danger of being built over ; and there is no doubt that a good deal of such Lammas or " six months land " has been absorbed recently into private hands. The subject is worth the attention by many a parish council. In the above instance it was found necessary to inspect the records before the parish's claim could be assured.