10 JANUARY 1931, Page 2

The Coal Strike Last Saturday the Conciliation Board in Cardiff

failed to produce an agreement between the mineowners and the miners. The strike in South Wales, which has put about 150,000 men out of work, therefore went on and is continuing when we write on Thursday. The owners firmly refused to have anything to do with the plan for a settlement by the National Board, and there is nothing in the Mines Act about compelling them. The formidable figures of the losses of the South Wales mines during the last four years place the owners on extremely strong ground when they reiterate their declaration that they cannot pay the same wages for less work. The miners on their side implicitly admit the owners' case when they hint at the possibility of a subsidy from the Government. We cannot believe, however, that whatever may happen there will be another subsidy. That is too bad to be seriously thought of.

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