10 JANUARY 1931, Page 26

Some Books of the Week

" IT will take at least a generation before India ' can have her own Army and Navy responsible to her own Cabinet, and only then will the question of the right to secede become a live issue. It is creating needless confusion to discuss it at the present juncture." Thus writes Mr. K. Chandy, some- time Vice-Chancellor of Mysore University, in this month's Indian Affairs. We have already recommended to our readers Sir Albion Banerji's well-edited and impartial journal : this number is full of articles which show how much more clearly Indian opinion is facing the practical issues of the moment ; while on the English side we may take heart from the fact that the policy consistently advocated in the Spectator has now found general acceptance. Sir Albion discusses " India's Place in Lord Beaverbrook's Scheme " and " India's Future at the Round Table " • there are articles on Banking, American opinion, and Indian labour as well as two non-political articles on Islam and Horse-Breeding by Lord Headly and Sir Bernard James respectively. We trust Indian Affairs will continue to prosper, for the need for the comment and criticism which it offers will continue long after the immediate goal of Dominion status has been reached. The affairs of a Continent cannot be settled by a single conference : even a generation will be a little time to disclose the benefits or test the validity of programmes now being formulated.

* * *