10 JANUARY 1931, Page 28

General Knowledge Questions

OUR weekly prize of one guinea for the best thirteen Questions submitted is awarded this week to Elsa B. Christy, Grey Friars, Ringwood, Hants, for the following :- Questions on Meals - 1. On what occasion did the partakers of a meal eat their plates ?

2. When was a banquet prepared only to be defiled by fabulous monsters ? 3. What meal exceeded what was demanded, and proved fatal to the guest ? . 4. What meal consisted of empty dishes ?

5. What feast was disturbed by a supernatural warning ?

6. What meal has become a byword for its immensity ?

7. Who pretended to fast till assured of the goodwill of his guest ?

8. What meal was inaugurated by a conflagration ?

9. Who ordered the principal dish at a meal to be served yearly ? - 10. At what meal did the host throw the food about the room ?

11. At what meal did the pudding smell first like a washing day, then like an eating-house ?, .

12. How did the Lady Jane propose to secure a succulent meal ?

13. Who thought lovingly of honey for teal

Answers will be found on page 64.