10 JANUARY 1931, Page 3

The Birthday of the League The date of this issue

of the Spectator coincides with the eleventh birthday of the League of Nations. It used to be the fashion to cast doubts on the idealisms and enthusiasms of Geneva. but to-day no one questions the services rendered by the League in the cause of peace. Some years ago only a few journalists attended the meetings at Geneva ; at the recent assemblies between 500 and 600 newspapers were represented, and there are many other instances of the growth of the League in popular esteem. There may be two opinions as to the political work that has been achieved by the League of Nations so far ; and it must be admitted that many vexed questions remain undecided, that the Economic Commission was a failure—a glorious one, maybe—and that the Preparatory Commission on Dis- armament has produced the very wraith of a Draft Treaty. Yet we cannot have everything at once, and under the wise guidance of Sir Eric Drummond, the League continues to grow in usefulness year by year. The Secretariat was reorganized at the last Assembly, and is now better fitted than ever to be a source of research and a clearing-house of international information. * * * *