10 JANUARY 1931, Page 3

The Trade Unions and Unemployment Insurance The Industrial Correspondent of

the Daily Telegraph described last Saturday what he says happened at a meeting between the Prime Minister and a delegation from the General Council of the Trades Union Congress. The delegates came to protest against the terms of reference of the Royal Commission on Unemployment Insurance. In particular they objected to the clause providing for an investigation into " the means by which the Fund may be made solvent and self-sup- porting." We agree with the Daily Telegraph that such objections to a Royal Commission which is already sitting are most improper and probably unprecedented. It seems that last month the General Council of the Trades Union Congress instructed Trade Unionists not to give evidence before the Royal Commission without first communicating with the Council. The constitutional character of a Royal Commission is implied in its theoretical powers to call for any persons or documents and to compel evidence. If the tactics of the General Council are what they are said to be, their purpose is such a rule by caucus as has never been tolerated. * * * *