10 JANUARY 1931, Page 32

Answers to Questions on Meals

1. Aeneas and his company. Aeneid VII, 116.-2. Aeneas's meal defiled by the Harpies. Aeneid III, 234.-3. Meal given by Jael to Sisera, before . she murdered him. Judges IV, 19.-=4: The Barmecides' Feast—" The Barber's sixth brother." Arabian Nights.-5. Belshazzar's -Feast. Daniel V, 5.-6. Gargantua's feast, when he ate five pilgrims and their staves. Book of Oar- ganglia (mentioned in Rabelais).--7. Friar Tuck in his cell.. Sir Walter Scott, Ivanhoe.-8. The first meal of roast pig. Lamb's Essays of Elia, "Roast Pig."-9. Queen Elizabeth, when hearing of the defeat of the Spanish Armada, ordered a goose to be served every Michaelmas Day.-10. Petruchio's Feast. Taming of the Shrew, Act IV, 1.-11. Christmas dinner at Bob Cratchit's: Charles Dickens' Christmas Carol.-12. She ordered her husband's body to be put back in the eel pond, " Go, pop Sir Thomas again in the pond, Poor dear, he'll catch us some more." Ingoldsby

Legends. 13. Rupert Brooke in his poem, " Grantchester."