10 JANUARY 1964, Page 18


SIR,—In the Spectator for December 27 you described Sir Roy Welensky as weak and blustering. I presume this is because he stood up to you when you dis- solved the Federation of Nyasaland, North and Southern Rhodesia. This is far from the truth. If you were half the man that Sir Roy Welensky is, you would have been Prime Minister of England. He was making sure the white people in Southern Rhodesia were given a fair deal, and not thrown to the wolves, as in Nyasaland, Kenya, and Northern Rhodesia, etc. I could never understand why you and other Government officials kowtowed to these African leaders. I suppose you were afraid they might leave the Commonwealth, or use their block vote against us at the UN. I wish Sir Roy had set up his own white Government as be threatened. That would have shown you whether he was weak or not.