10 JULY 1852, Page 1

A. strong sensation has been excited by the intelligence that

a court-martial in the South of France has sentenced fifteen persons to be guillotined. As eleven of these are actually in prison, (the rest having been condemned in absence,) the idea of such a whole- sale execution, for active participation in a civil war provoked by the aggression of the existing Government, and after fully six months have been allowed to elapse, is revolting. It betrays either a bloodthirsty disposition or a larking coneciousness of weakness and a desire to intimidate. The condemned have appealed against the sentence ; but their appeal only lies from an ifiTerior to a su- perior court of the President's military officers. The President himself has retreated to one of his country residences, as if to withdraw himself from applications to ex-ericise his privilege of pardon.

An incident has occurred in Switzerland, Which, properly speak- ing, belongs to the history of France. The Government of Berne have refused M. Thiers an asylum within their territory. It is possible that this may have been done without the direct and int-

mediate interference of the French Government, but there can be ' little doubt that fear of the Usurper is the motive—a natural effdet of the dictatorial tone of the French President towards all weak states in his vicinity.