10 JULY 1936, Page 1

Danzig, Poland and the High Commissioner The German-Polish agreement of

January, 1984, destroyed the hypothesis on which the Danzig settlement was based, i.e., the necessity for League mediation between Danzig and Poland; and since that time the functimi of the League High Commissioner has been to uphold the constitution, not, as the treaty-makers intended, for the benefit of Poland (whose representative has displayed at the Council a studied indifference to the issue), but for the benefit of the non-Nazi minority of the German population of Danzig. A majority, Herr Greiser com- plained to the Council, was being " oppressed " by a minority (by which he meant that a majority was being urevented from oppressing a minority); and with much table-thumping he demanded a " revision of the conditions prevailing between Danzig and the League of Nations." But Herr Greiser's insolent tirade can scarcely have advanced the prospects of such a solution. The next word is with Colonel Beck, who is reported to have spoken severely to Herr Greiser after Saturday's scene. Poland must make up her mind either to co-operate whole- heartedly with the other members of the Council in maintaining the prestige of the League and of its High Commissioner in Danzig or to abandon such safeguards as the Versailles Settlement affords her. The Polish Press does not suggest that the second alternative is in contemplation.