10 JULY 1936, Page 14

A Hundred Years Ago

"Tan SPECTATOR," JULY 9rn, 1836.

It will be seen by an announcement in our advertising catmint?, that the South Australian Commissioners are, in addition -to, their former arrangements, taking measures_ to forward to the new colony other six hundred persona 'of the labouring claps, free of expense, and under an obligation to maintain them in •tho colony until they obtain sufficient wages. Tho emigrant must not exceed twenty-six years of ago, must bo married* andwith ne.children over two years old. They must havo certificates of good character. Each married couple will have a separate berth, and the provisions and othor arrangements will be on the hest scale over adopted for labouring emigrants. It is proposed that the first. ship shall sail with one hundred couples on- the-10th of next -month.