10 JULY 1936, Page 2

Reinforcements for Abyssinia While the fate of Abyssinia was being

discussed at Geneva, only two items of news penetrated the obscurity which Surrounds • the state of affairs in Abyssinia itself. The Emperor announced that an Abyssinian an Government was functioning at Core, and that eom-- munications could be 'sent to it through the Abysiinian Legation in London. That may not mean much. The Other item is that, although units of the Italian army from Abyssinia were reported to have arrived, amid frenzied greetings, in Rome, a fresh troopship left Naples for East Africa on July 2nd, and the departure of another battalion of Blackshirts was announced from MeSsina. That may mean a good deal. It does not look as though Signor Mussolini would be faced at an early date with the problem of what to do with the victorious army which will some day have to be repatriated from Africa.

* * *