10 JULY 1936, Page 21


[To the Editor of THE SPECTATOR.] SIR,—A new experiment is being tried in this locality, and it is working so satisfactorily that it might well be tried elsewhere.

When the place was under private ownership various paths were stopped with barbed wire and with a notice which 'read

" No Road. Strictly Private. Trespassers will be Prosecuted. By Order. Marshall's Estates."

Nearly all-the barbed wire has now disappeared, and there are six notices (one of which is on the same post formerly 'occupied by the old One). They read as follows :

" fxvrrealox.

This beautiful property, belonging to the Victoria Golf Hotel, is hospitably thrown open to the public in the hope that no litter will be left, no flowers or roots taken, and no damage done. Please enjoy it and be welcome."

A year's trial has resulted in only one small handful of paper being left, though hundreds of people brought their own food and enjoyed picnics in the woods and Fairy Dell : also not one single daffodil was taken this Easter.

I find the visitors are so punctilious that they have not even gathered the honeysuckle which is at present so plentiful.