10 JULY 1936, Page 3

A Lost Opportunity The Town Council of Jarrow is sending

a deputation to the Prime Minister to ask why the efforts of a syndicate to establish a new Bessemer steel plant on the Tyne has been frustrated. The facts do not seem in doubt. The project was recommended by expert advice, and the new plant would have filled undoubted deficiencies in the British iron and steel industry in the North-Eastern area. But the scheme was frustrated owing to the opposition of certain members of the British Iron and Steel Federation : instead of a co-operative enterprise at Jarrow, arrange- ments have been made upon Tees-side for supplying the demand which undoubtedly exists. It seems certain that a great opportunity has been missed, and that a plan which would have relieved one of the worst of the de- pressed areas has been sacrificed to private interests. •