10 JULY 1964, Page 16


SIR,—Quoodle is quite right to complain in the Spectator that This Week should have a programme based on Mr. Enoch Powell's article in the Spectator . and yet not mention the name 'Spectator'! This falls far below normal journalistic standards. 'Quite an achievement. • . .' indeed, but one well matched by Mr. Henry Fairlie in his funny review of my Re form of Parliament, for the length of which I am grateful. despite his bad manners and his rather hackneyed 'whiff of,' not 'grapeshot' as he says, but small-bore Oakeshcitt. He gets through two columns without mentioning the publishers, Messrs. Weidenfeld and Nibolson (a respectable firm) and the price, 36s. (steep, but worth it).


London School of Economics, WC1 [Henry Fairlie's article was not, in fact, a review of Dr. Crick's book: however, his letter herewith provides the advertisement he seeks.—Editor, Spectator.]