10 JULY 1964, Page 16

SIR,—Mrs. Atherley has a case in point when she suggests

that transferring power from the most ad- vanced to the least advanced group would be a back- ward step, but in South Africa, the least advanced group is the majority, and history shows that, sooner or later, the majority gains power. Is the South African Government developing sufficiently the 'personalities, capabilities and characteristics' of the least advanced group, or are the white populations holding on to power as long as possible, granting reforms only in the face of catastrophe? The situa- tion is reminiscent of Tsarist Russia, and the slaughter of 1917 involved no racial prejudices.

Swift, not delayed, education of the majority is necessary, so that it can carry on popular government effectively when it comes to power—and that must be soon: many white people are getting out of South Africa before The Day.


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