10 JUNE 1911, Page 1

Austria-Hungary is said to be doing her best to secure

a pacific settlement between the Turks and the insurgents, although the official press is once more adopting a menacing tone towards the Ottoman Government. It is feared, how- ever, that the Young Turks have adopted a policy of "thorough," and intend, if they can, to settle the Albanian question once and for all, and by very drastic methods. Hakki Bey, tbe delegate for Albania of the Salonika Com- mittee, is, according to the Times, bent on establishing colonies of Mussulmans from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and elsewhere in Northern Albania,and intends to bring down those mountaineers after they have made their submission, and settle them in the plains, thus 'separating them from the other Albanian clans. It is curious to note how the Oriental tradition of dealing with conquered peoples continues. As we know from the Bible, the Assyrian monarchs followed a similar plan. The people of Palestine were sent into Mesopotamia, and "reliable" subjects placed in their stead in Samaria and elsewhere.