10 JUNE 1911, Page 1


THE situation in Albania grows worse, not better, for the Turkish Government. The past week has been marked by the open revolt of the Mirdites, one of the most powerful of the Albanian tribes. According to the Times correspondent at Cettigne, they are able to place 10,000 armed men in the field. They occupy an almost inaccessible mountain district, and for centuries have maintained their independence, defying every effort of the Turks to subdue them, as they in former days defied the Roman emperors. The tribe are all Roman Catholics. It would appear that their leaders, civil and religious, have counselled submission, and have done their best to hold the tribe back, but without success. The situation as regards the Mirdites is complicated by the fact that they live near the Montenegrin frontier, and that, therefore, the sources of friction between the mountain kingdom and Turkey are greatly increased.