10 JUNE 1911, Page 1

The settlement of the Champagne question proposed by the Conseil

d'Etat, by which the wine grown outside the Marne dis- trict is to be described as "second-zone champagne," has failed to conciliate the discontent of the Auboia. On Thursday one of their deputies moved a resolution in the Chamber in favour of deferring, until further notice, the promulgation of the new

delimitation degree. The motion was resisted by M. Caillaux, the Minister of Finance, who appealed to the House not to follow the example of the Senate which, shortly before Easter, had voted in favour of abolishing all delimitation. This vote had provoked riots in the Marne, and a similar vote would renew the outbreak. M. Caillaux succeeded in securing a majority for the Government of 113, but the uncompromising temper of the Aubois still gives rise to serious misgiving.