10 JUNE 1911, Page 14


[TO ms EDITOH OP THZ "SPEGTAT0101 STEr.41 Mr. Johnson will expend threepence on the May number of the Commonwealth, and read an article by Mr. Anson, he may see that that very insistence on man's liability to sin, that perpetual confession that man is at his best a miserable sinner, may not only, as he allows, weaken the moral fibre of a man, but is treason to the great article of our faith that Jesus came to save men, not from the consequences of their sin, bat from sin itself. There is a taint of unreality about such abject forms of confession as have found their way into the Prayer-book, and should be amended. The phrase, "there is no health in us," ought never to be beard in the Church of Christ. And43nritanism, at least in the New World, set up standarde of righteousness which were very little in accord- ance with the mind of Christ. That is our sole criterion.--