10 JUNE 1911, Page 15


[To THE EDITOR 01 THE "SPECTATOR.'] SIR,—I am deeply grateful to the Spectator for having pub- lished my letter on the Sale of Drugs, and for the excellent letter from Germany in the Spectator of May 13th giving a schedule of that law. Could we not follow our German cousins in this matter, who wisely protect their public against the sale of such drugs as veronals, sulphonals, and trionals, &c. ? A chemist told me a few days ago that I should be astonished to see the increasing numbers of young people who come to pur- chase these things. He pointed out that he was obliged to sell them, for they were sold at all other chemists, and if he could not supply the drug required he would be voted an in- ferior chemist and lose his custom. We, as a nation, are proud of our hospitals, our nursing homes, and our lunatic asylums, yet we so legislate in the matter of the sale of drugs that we go a long way towards filling them. Can we be proud of this ?