10 JUNE 1911, Page 2

The Finance Committee of the Senate decided on Thursday to

report, without recommendation, the Reciprocity Bill, with the Root amendment appended thereto. The motion to report favourably was lost by two votes, and the Root amendment was adopted by two. This amendment, which postpones the free admission of pulp and paper until all provincial restric- tions upon their export are removed in Canada, is regarded at Ottawa as in no way jeopardizing the measure in the Canadian Parliament, and is described by the Times correspondent as being tantamount to the interpretation which Mr. Fielding, speaking in Parliament, placed on that section. On the other band, it is likely to provoke vigorous opposition in both American Houses, and, even if adopted by the Senate, may lead to a conflict between the two Chambers. On this account the amendment is not welcomed by the Administration, "which also recognizes that it would greatly detract from the popularity of the measure with newspaper proprietors."