10 JUNE 1911, Page 26

We have received "Coronation Numbers" from two of our con-

temporaries, the Illustrated London News, edited by Bruce S. Ingram (2s. 6d.), and The Sphere (2s. 6d.). Both aro handsome productions and well worth the modest sum which is asked for them. The Sphere number is especially good in its historical part, which seems to have been worked up with special care. This (Section 3) bears the title "King George's Predecessors," and gives a succession of very striking pictures. Another interest- ing item is the "Evolution of the Royal British Standard." We dropped the French fleurs-de-lis in 1801 and the Hanoverian arms in 1837. Might we not add some emblems to represent oversea dominions? In the Illustrated London News the present is, perhaps, more prominent, while the past is not neglected. Either would make a very appropriate gift to friend or relative out of England.