10 JUNE 1911, Page 3

The Annual Conference of the National Union of Clerks was

held in Leeds on Monday. In the course of the proceed- ings complaints were made that the clerks employed by various other unions (such as the Amalgamated Society of Railway Servants and the Shop Assistants' Union) were paid at a lower rate than the minimum for which the Clerks' Union were agitating, and which had been approved by the Trade Unions Congress. The minimum wage adopted by the Society is 35s. for London, while the provincial branches are permitted to fix their own minimum, which must not be lower than 27s. 6d. A complaint was actually made as to the treatment of the Union's own clerks. One delegate seems to have de- clared that three men and two girls were crowded in a place little better than a rabbit hutch. It is right to add that these allegations were pronounced by the President to be a ridiculous and gross exaggeration.