10 MARCH 1860, Page 6

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Tan QUEEN held a Court on Wednesday afternoon at St. James's Pa- lace, for the reception exclusively of officers of Volunteer Corps. About 2500 officers, representing the Artillery, Cavalry, and Infantry Rifle Volunteer corps of England and Scotland, were presented to her Ma- iestY•

In the evening, the Queen visited an amateur performance, for cha- ritable objects, at the Lyceum theatre. The Covent Garden and Adelphi theatres have also been honoured by visits from her Majesty this week. The Prince of Wales arrived at Rockingham Palace on Saturday from Oxford, but returned on Monday. The Queen left London for Osborne on Thursday. Amongst the visitors to the Palace have been the Prince of Orange, the Duke de Nemouts, Prince Frederick of the Netherlands, the Nether- lands Minister, Baron Bentinck, the Prussian Minister and Countess Bernstorff, the Earl of St. Germans, Lady Palmerston, Lord Proby, and Captain Tarleton.