10 MARCH 1860, Page 7


The freedom of the city of Glasgow is to be conferred on Sir John Lawrence on the 3d of April.

The strike among the Scotch iron-workers continues. The ironmasters of the West of Scotland held a meeting in Glasgow on Wednesday, at which they resolved to continue to keep out their furnaces, and not to meet again for the consideration of that particular question. The prospect of an early adjustment of this unfortunate dispute is thus destroyed. The men on strike are holding out determinedly.

Ramsay Terrace, the picturesque edifice on a spur of the Castle Hill, Edinburgh, erected by the late Lord Murray at a cost of between 50001. and 60001. fell, on Thursday into a mass of ruins. The foundations hadnot been carried down to the natural rock. The earth on which the masonry stood became charged with moisture and the buttresses gave way.