10 MARCH 1866, Page 1

The Church-rate abolition debate on Wednesday, introduced by Mr. Hardcastle,

member for Bury St. Edmunds, and prolonged in the usual tone by Mr. Walpole and Mr. Ducane, suddenly assumed a real interest from Mr. Gladstone's speech proposing a compromise, likely enough to be successful, the nature of which we have described and discussed elsewhere. As the compromise, however, though accepted by the Radicals, will appear on the face of the Bill only in Committee, the second-reading vote was taken on the naked question of abolition, Mr. Gladstone voting with the majority in favour of the abolition of compulsory rates only on the understanding that his compromise was accepted. The division showed a very full Howe, 283 to 252—majority, 33. And 50 members paired ; so that 537 votes were taken in all.