10 MARCH 1866, Page 1

The relations between Berlin and Vienna have not become more

pleasant during the week. It is stated that Napoleon has signified his intention to remain neutral, and that final propositions have been submitted to the Kaiser by the King. They have neither been ac- cepted nor rejected, but Austrian Generals have been rayed out to the minor Courts of Germany, and it is believed in Vienna that the limits of the Emperor's patience have been reached, and that he will yield no further,—will, that is, give up Holstein only for a ter- ritorial cession. If this statement is correct,—and it is probable, —Count von Bismark must either retreat or risk a great war, and his decision will probably depend on his understanding with Russia. If the Czar, as soon as war is declared, is ready to cross the Pruth, Berlin will probably fight ; if not, not. The minor Courts evidently wish to support Austria, and the present situa- tion cannot last many days.