10 MARCH 1866, Page 3

A meeting was held in Willis's Rooms this day week,

the Earl -of Carnarvon in the chair, to consolidate the London workhouse hospitals, obtain a vote for their support, and general inspection to secure their efficiency. It was very well attended, the exposé of the horrors of the present workhouse infirmaries was complete, -and the resolutions passed most satisfactory. The Archbishop of York showed that the medical care given to the patients at present -cannot be a minute and a half each per day, that the medicines supplied cannot be adequate, that the nurses are ignorant and generally selfish paupers, utterly inefficient, and that the dirt and annoyances are extreme. No reform in this metropolis of misery, as well as of thought and energy, is more urgently needed than this. A Bill embodying the objects of the meeting will be pressed .upon the President of the Poor Law Board.