10 MARCH 1877, Page 3

The Committee on the Aretic Expedition has, says the &eatery

Record, fitted its report on the outbreak of scurvy, teed thin report condemns the omission of the radon of lane-joke, /aid shows that Sir George Nitres, though ex- eitettly directed by the memorandum of the Director-General of the Medical Department of the Navy to use the lime-juice in theadedging expeditions,. and though his attention was expressly vaned to this memorandum by his medical officer at the time he decided to leave out the lime-juice from the cargo of the sledges, omitted it on his own responsibility. And the Com- mittee believe the outbreak of scurvy to have been entirely due to this deliberate neglect by Sir G, Nares of the directions in the memorandum. That amounts to a grave censure, oast least this one act of Sir George Name.