10 MARCH 1928, Page 1

News of the Week

THERE are dark clouds:in.the Eastern sky. Ii Egypt the Treaty negotiated :with: King Fuad and his Prime Minister, Sarwat Pasha, has been rejected by the.. Cabinet there. The Wafd Party has proved too strong for those who would proceed with sane moderation' development of their country with British help or _ with, any realization of what are vital conditions from the British point of view. Sarwat has put his resignation in the King's hands and, therefore, has not attempted to deal with Lord Lloyd's last communication, a Note saying lrmly that .we cannot have legislation that conflicts with our existing responsibilities towards foreigners. This is to be taken as a warning against the repeal or amendment of the Law of*Public Assemblies. We have dealt with the rejection elsewhere and will only say here that Sir Austen Chamberlain was justified -in saying that to go on as we have done is a worse disappointment for Egypt than for Great Britain: But we are disappointed by the prospect of having to work with an unwilling' partner who thinks he has a grievance against us.

* * * *