10 MARCH 1928, Page 14

Country Life


A nice point of no little interest to the social development of our villages—and, indeed, lesser towns—has to be settled by those who are keen to provide playing fields for rural youth.

More than one generous donor has given land ,or offered to buy it for a playing field in perpetuity. The question at once arises—who shall own the land, in whom shall it be vested ? In one particular case, with which I have had some personal

concern, one landowner offered a field (at very low price) to the parish, and at once another offered the money for the purchase, but proposed vesting the field in the Playing Fields Associa- tion. If that were done the Association would let the land to the parish for a peppercorn rent, say ls. a year, and make the condition that it was used for play on behalf of the community. * * *_ *