10 MARCH 1928, Page 2

. We are very glad that after long delays France

and Spain have succeeded in agreeing over the questions of the moment (and of long. time back) in Tangier, An agreement was signed in Paris on Saturday last, The original demands of Spain, which were indeed extravagant, have been withdrawn. The agreement of 1923, to which Great Britain was a party, still stands; Of course. The chief adininistratiV.e, change will, be that a Spaniard will become Inspector-General of the . Police. The parties will now recall Great Britain- to the consultations which we left . to them, and Italy will :now, be invited to take part. This is at last as it should be Great Britain regretted the absence of Italy from the Paris Conference out of which the Constitution sprang :which is in force in the. Zone... It was naturally galling to Italy; and in our opinion quite unnecessary, to .make her feel that she was not recognized as a PoWer.of importance in that part of the Mediterranean coast. It also led to the anomaly of the Italian nationals in Tangier, escaping taxation. We shall now look forward to a conference of the four Powers . and we hope that goodwill may:be i evident and delay a little less evident than in former negotiations.