10 MARCH 1928, Page 2

A fortnight ago in the Parliament in Vienna serious charges

were made against the Italian authorities in South Tirol. The Chancellor, pointing out that the League of Nations could not interfere in a matter of Italian internal government, appealed to Italy. At once the Fascist Press denied the accusations and united in warning Austria and the League that they had better not interfere: and on February 25th the Italian Minister was summoned from Vienna to Rome to report, and he is still in Italy. On Sunday -last Signor Mussolini made a very vigorous speech, which has been taken in Vienna and Berlin as unjustifiably threatening, and we are not surpriied. He does not make for tranquillity in BurOpe. Austria, hoWever, has refrained from any further public eomplaint. Let us here offer our condolences to Italy on the death of Marshal Diaz, Duca della Vittoria, the victorious leader of our Allies at Vittoria Veneto: His reorganization of the Italian armies after Caporetto and his final victory earned our gratitude and admiration. * * *