10 MARCH 1928, Page 2

In Parliament the Upper House, on Thursday, March 1st, made

another protest against the way in which it has been treated of late by the Government, which sends up at the last moment Bills needing far more considera- tion than time allows. The Commons considered on Report the Civil Service Estimates,- which led to incon- clusive arguments over " Safeguarding," shipping rings and our trade with Russia (we believe that some of the trade " lost " through the diplomatic rupture is done less easily through Germany). On Friday the House was counted out when discussing the Architects' Registration Bill. On Monday the Prime Minister announced the withdrawal of the prohibition by which' the British Broadcasting Corporation may not broadcast statements involving matters of political, religious or industrial controversy. The responsibility of using their discretion in accordance with the Crawford Committee's Report is

laid upon the Corporation, and a heavy responsibility it is. . .