10 MARCH 1928, Page 2

There is every reason to regret the increase of tension

which is evident between Italy and Austria. It arises from the treatment by Italy of the population of German blood and language in Smith Tirol, transferred to Italy after the War. One of the least satisfactory consequences of the Paris Peace Conference has been the treatment of such persons. It was probably to be expected, but it contrasts ill with the treatment of " mandated " peoples whose plight is the concern of the Mandates Committee at Geneva. Signature of the so-ealled Minorities Treaty was not exacted from all the Gnvernments that received transferred territory, and where it was signed it has not always been honourably kept. We hear complaints of varying bitterness from Alsace, Upper Silesia;-Trans- sylvania and South Tirol. Probably they would be heard however well the victors behaved, but we do not hear of conciliatory efforts on Italy's part towards her new subjects. She wants to make them good Italians. They are not all willing pupils, and Italy does not see that they are only to be won by kindness.

• * *