10 MARCH 1928, Page 21

Daffy Down Dilly

" Daffy Down Dilly has come up to Town " (How does it run ?)

" In a yellow petticoat and green gown." .* Spring has begun.

_ .

CLAD in her splendour, she comes willy. nilly Early each year,

While her bold trumpeters tell Piccadilly, " Daffy is here ! "

Into the shops of Old Bond Street she rustles, Gay little shade, While, in the wake of her, laughingly hustles Each pretty maid.

While, from their baskets by corner and square, Trumpeters, blowing and growing, declare- " Daffy Down Dilly, Down Dilly is there ! "

She was a leader of fashion and fancy (I read the rhyme) When pretty Janet and Elspeth and Nancy Chose in their time Dimities homely and taffetas stately, Meet for their days ; Daffy Down Dilly, walking sedately, Led every craze While, from their ranks in the garden or green, Trumpeters each to the other would lean, Heralding Daffy Down Dilly the Queen. Still,. every. Spring, when the shops are displaying All of their pride, Daffy Down Dilly comes carelessly straying Up to your side, Whispers, " That model is simply entrancing, So is that hat !

And, oh ! my dear, don't you see yourself dancing, Girdled in that ?"

Trumpeters herald the dawn of the year, Tempting and singing, " It isn't so dear !

Daffy Down Dilly, Down Dilly is here " Though you may say you have not met the lady, Yet she knows yOu : .

Prudes may declare that she sounds rather shady, .That is quite true—

She is a shadow; who flutters and poses Shop-fronts among, Bidding you hasten to gather their roses

• While-you are young !

While her gay trumpeters cry, " Dilly DoWn, Daffy Down Dilly has come up to Town, In a gold petticoat and a green gown ! "