10 MARCH 1928, Page 3

— . The _Legislative Council or Uppeie Chamber of the Legislature in

Nova Scotia has ceased to exist It will lie remembered that the Governor proposed to " swamp " the Chaniber with new members pledged to vote for its permanent dissoFution, but, was restrained by the Canadian Law Officers. Last year the Judicial CoMmittee of the Privy Council advised the King that the Govern- ment had powers to dismiss or create members: He has done both and on Wednesday, February 29th, the. Chamber abolished itself. It is too much to hope that no bitterness will remain, but we hope that this and other reforms will prove tb have been worth the struggle. Now British Guiana is embarking on changes in its constitution :Which (except for some changes under the Act of 1891) remains as it was when the Articles of Capitulation, drawn up during the Napoleonic Wars, stated that it was to be maintained. The first step which we have already recorded lay with Parliament. * * * *