10 MARCH 1928, Page 3

The munificent gift of £500,000 to the Treasury, which we

recorded a few weeks ago, has stimulated others to give likewise.. There has always been a trickle of such contri- butions, since the King and the then. Financial Secretary to the Treasury made their splendid gifts during the War, but. Miss Malim's scheme of a few years ago for a general appeal for voluntary contributions towards the reduction of. debt was not _widely successful. Now there appear in the Press very much more frequent acknowledgments of gifts, large and small. We hope the fashion will spread freely, and on the whole we trust that such receipts will be devoted to the immediate reduction of debt rather than to the cumulative scheme of the generous donor of the half-million. Sir Reginald Brade in a letter in Mon- day's Times pointed out the irregular manner of Parlia- mentary control of such money.

* * * *