10 MARCH 1950, Page 17

.A Fox's Diet

SIR,.—In the Spectator of December 2nd, 1949, Sir W. Beach Thomas asks: "Is it possible for a fox to catch an unwounded rook?" It is thirty:. odd years since I. was in England for a few months, 'but I think I

remember having seen rooks feeding on the ground. If that is so, then it is quite certain that a fox can catch an unwounded rook. I have seen foxes catch quail, parrots, top-knot pigeons, peewits and magpies. On five or six occasions I have disturbed them when stalking duck, and in wo cases it seemed quite certain they would succeed in killing. The :Australian fox is still basically English in character and, thank God, so

ke we.—Yours faithfully, M. A. FERGUSSON. Moreton Bay, RMB5, Lead vile, N.S.W.