10 MARCH 1950, Page 17

General von Falkenhausen

wonder if only some of the truth was conveyed by Your note to my previous letter, to the effect that General ...Falkenhnusen had been released ? A fellow reader of the Spectator has kindly sent me a cutting from the Hamburg weekly, Die Zeit, dated February 16th, which states that Falkenhausen was merely given eight days' leave to see his wife, who was ill and perhaps dying of cancer. Die Zeit complained that the General was only allowed to see her-under the constant supervision of Belgian officials and American Military Police, and might talk to no one else but the doctor. Part of the German text reads as follows: " Falkenhausen befindet rich fair acht Tage auf Urlaub, den er in einem Lager bei Fulda verbringt, um seine iiber 70-jahrige Frau, die schwer am Krebs erkrankt in Hospital liegt, vielleicht zum letztenmal zu sehen." Fulda is apparently the General's fifty-second " billet " in five years.— Yours faithfully, R. N. B. BREIT-Smut. lnverchapel, by Dunoon.